SNaP Leading a Black, Queer, Trans, Feminist Movement in Georgia

My heart goes out to progressive Georgians this year. Stacey Abrams should be your governor. I’m so sorry there were so many shenanigans around that election. But the fact that it was so close is because of the good fight of so many progressive groups are putting up. When we think about Georgia we should also think about groups like the Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative advocating “to build power among those who are targeted by the Atlanta Police Department – especially Trans* and gender non conforming folks of color, current and former street level sex workers and formerly incarcerated people – and transform the way the City of Atlanta crafts and implements its policies, practices and laws related to street level sex work”. I’m happy to make a donation once again to their sponsoring organization The Racial Justice Action Center in support of SNaP.


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2016 Profile

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