December 6: Reforming Criminal Justice in Georgia

Solutions Not Punishment Coalition

img_7885Red State: Georgia
Focus: Criminal Justice Reform

The Solutions Not Punishment Coalition is a Black, Trans-led, broad based coalition working for a new Atlanta where every person has the opportunity to grow and thrive without facing unfair barriers, especially from the criminal justice system.


Unfortunately I didn’t make a good note about how I found SNaP, but I’m glad I did. If one of the goals of this project is to amplify underrepresented voices, especially in red states, this organization certainly does that well.

The local problem, of one in 13 (predominantly black) Georgians in jail/prison/probabtion/parole, that they address, mirrors national mass incarceration trends. While Obama has made late-term efforts to  curb, criminal justice reforms will need all the support they can get with a white supremacist as Attorney General.

SNaP researches and proposes viable solutions that not only can prevent serious human rights abuses, but FFS (as I always say to things Republicans are against), literally save taxpayers millions in long-term costs.

The organizations that make up SNaP are full of voices that have been in the trenches and know how about creating real solutions by understanding the problems and their causes. We should all shut up and listen.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation
If you’re in the Atlanta-area join SNaP/The Racial Justice Center & volunteer

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