Lucie’s Place Providing a Home for LGBTQ Youth in Arkansas

One of the morning news alerts that made me gasp “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” this year had to be the cruel and unnecessary announcement that this administration would establish a legal definition of sex under Title IX in attempt to literally erase transgender and non-binary individuals. Of course this wrapping up a year of the same administration not backing down on banning trans folx from serving their own country. It’s just so mean and of course gives carte blanche to supporters of this president to discriminate toward LGBTQ folks in their own communities.

As Lucie’s Place reminds us “Central Arkansas isn’t known to be friendly to the LGBTQ community. Thanks to your support, this is changing.” I want this to keep changing. I want kids from Arkansas to California to be able to be who they truly are. I want them to have support systems and access to the healthcare, education and job training they deserve. I am happy to make another donation to this wonderful organization and hope you will join me as well.

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