Still Supporting Planned Parenthood South Atlantic

Happy solstice! Here’s hoping the light in the world begins to shine brightly as we enter 2018. As our healthcare is under threat once again, let’s be grateful for organizations like Planned Parenthood South Atlantic that provide critical health services for both women and men. Please reread last year’s repost and join me in making a donation.

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic

img_8001Red State: South Carolina
Focus: Reproductive Rights


This is actually the second time this year I’ve give to Planned Parenthood South Atlantic. I made a donation during the election cycle after South Carolinian DT-supporting friends of my evangelical relatives started “praying for” me on Facebook because I clearly am part of the “abortion holocaust”. It’s truly an uphill battle for great organizations like Planned Parenthood to provide even basic health services for women in the south. And of course these are areas that need them the most! Happy to give them more support as they gear up for 2017.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation today.

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