Still Supporting Standing Rock in North Dakota

I’ll admit, today I felt a light-heartedness I hadn’t felt for months. I dove deep into the work of my day job, and set aside picking up this project until evening. Today I’m revisiting Standing Rock, something I feel like has been pushed out of the collective consciousness for a few months, but like everything is precarious and tied up in legal fights. Read the repost below and join me in making a donation to Standing Rock’s Legal Fund in opposition to DAPL and KXL today.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund


Red State: North Dakota
Focus: Environmental & Human Rights


Despite the recent victory to halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, it is not time to start ignoring the Native American Rights movement that Standing Rock has once again brought to the forefront. Barring a complete Christmas Miracle, an environment-hating demagogue will be confirmed by the Electoral College today. It would be totally naive to think that he wouldn’t literally bulldoze his agenda through in North Dakota.

I picked Standing Rock as my North Dakota cause not just because of the environment, but also to protect the Water Protectors. As winter encroaches, those who remain will need supplies. And as the new administration dawns, I greatly fear for carte blanche human rights abuses like we witnessed in November.

Finally, I hope that many Americans can find their inner-protestor in the coming year or two. We can learn a lot from the folks who’ve been sacrificing in North Dakota this year to defend their rights and those of future generations.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation today.
Keep paying attention!

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