Catching up with Women for Women in Wyoming

When I reached out to last year’s organizations over Thanksgiving weekend, one of the first to respond was Christine Lichtenfels from Women for Women in Wyoming, who I’d spoken with in 2016. Christine was eager to share her story about Dr. Anthony, but needed some time to reflect on the other questions I’d asked. This speaks volumes to the spirit and importance of the organization and of providers like Dr. Anthony in rural areas. Thank you so much to Christine for taking the time to chat. Please consider joining me in making a donation to Women for Women today.

…funding to enable [women] to implement their personal decisions about their own bodies and futures…

What was your organization’s biggest win(s) in 2017?

Providing over 160 Wyoming and eastern Idaho women with over $35,000 in funding to enable them to implement their personal decisions about their own bodies and futures. Also, being able to fund every eligible woman.

What has been your organization’s biggest challenge(s) in 2017?

The absence of any abortion providers in Wyoming except for the two in Jackson, which is on the very western edge of the state. As a result, most women have to travel a minimum of 1.5 hrs each way to access a provider, and many must travel 3 to 4.5 hours each way.

Please share a story about one individual in your state who has truly made an impact this year who you’d like the rest of the world to know about.

The answer to your third could be several, but I’m going to say Dr. Giovannina Anthony. She is one of the only two abortion providers in all of Wyoming. She works hard to minimize the cost. She is a strong voice for women’s reproductive rights and makes it a priority to provide services for women throughout western Wyoming (and eastern Idaho).

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