Advent Activism 2017: We’re Back!

First, if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for waking up each day in 2017 and for making a difference in your own way.

Second, congratulations – you survived a very, very difficult year. It seems like personal stressors in 2017 have only been exacerbated by the constant onslaught of the uncertainty of our world and the capriciousness of our so-called “leaders”. As I publish this, on December 1, our rights are likely being stripped again under the guise of a “tax bill.”

One year ago I wrote candidly about my depression and anger post-election and how sorting through those emotions drew me to this project. The emotions haven’t gone anywhere, in fact they’ve split and incubated and some days I feel like I just want to scream into a pillow for 18 hours. Still, there are moments of joy, especially when I read about others pouring their heart and souls into doing good in the world and fighting tirelessly for the rights of others.

Yes, we in our liberal cities can wear our Resistance t-shirts, but the people marching into the streets and the courtrooms of Alabama and Wyoming and Georgia and Indiana are truly heroes. The women providing critical health services in Tennessee, the man in Florida who fought to regain his voting rights and is now making sure his Kafkaesque journey through the legal system never happens to anyone else again, they’re the standard bearers, the ones who are going to keep us safe and sane until we get out of the mess we’re in.

Over the next 24 days, I’m hoping to loop back with several of the organizations I connected with last year, sharing their wins and their challenges with you and the world. I’m planning to make a small monetary contribution each day as well, and would love for you to join me.

Why Advent?

Advent is traditionally a time of preparation and waiting. I began this project in 2016 when instead of preparing for Christmas joy, I prepared to support critical organizations in advocating for marginalized populations in areas where their basic needs and civil rights are threatened daily.

Why Activism?

Gutted by the attacks on civil liberties, racial justice, women’s rights, and LGBT rights condoned by the 2016 Election, I began this project. My goal is to support organizations doing the hard work in Red States to make sure all Americans stay protected.

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