Advent Activism 2016

Welcome to Advent Activism. After this year’s election, I spent about a week in bed, a week flamingly angry, and have now moved on to the “take action” phase. By happenstance this phase collided with my hanging my perennial advent calendar. I knew I needed to Do Something™.

While I’m definitely supporting national organizations like the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center, from my previous life in the (now red state of) Wisconsin, I know that those local grass roots organizations need love too. In fact, many of these folks have their ears to the ground and are able to nip restrictive legislation in the bud before it elevates to the national level.

Unfortunately this year there are 29 red states. I was either previously familiar with major civil rights violations in those states or spent time googling “restrictive legislation [state name]” to identify liberties at stake. I then did additional internet research to find locally based or national chapters addressing these needs at the ground level.  I split them up over the 24 days of Advent and will be highlighting one organization each day (some days more). I’ll generally go in alphabetical order by state.

In addition to highlighting, I’ll also donate $25 to each organization. I hope you will join me each day in doing the same.

Read a little bit more about my motivation here.

Why Advent?

Advent is traditionally a time of preparation and waiting. It’s hard for me to prepare for Christmas joy this year, so I’d rather prepare to help critical organizations advocate well into 2017.

Why Activism?

Gutted by the attacks on civil liberties, racial justice, women’s rights, and LGBT rights condoned by the 2016 Election, I began this project. My goal is to support organizations doing the hard work in Red States to make sure all Americans stay protected.