December 22: Listening to New Voices in Pennsylvania

New Voices Pittsburgh

img_7999Red State: Pennsylvania
Focus: Reproductive Rights

“New Voices Pittsburgh is a grassroots Human Rights organization for women of color, led by women of color and about women of color. We utilize the Reproductive Justice framework as an innovative strategy to specifically engage Black women and girls in community organizing for lasting social change. New Voices Pittsburgh is a groundbreaking organization, using a Human Rights and Reproductive Justice framework to organize and build a local movement with Black women, Black girls and allies in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. New Voices Pittsburgh is deeply committed to elevating the powerful voices of Black women and girls on Human Rights, reproductive oppression and the totality of our lived experience.”


Although Pennsylvania’s legislation failed to sneak its anti-abortion bill through this year, its majority GOP elected officials will likely try again next year. It will fall on grassroots organizations to not only fight these bills, but empower others to rise up as well. New Voices Pittsburgh keeps that at the core of its mission, and gives a platform to women that aren’t always heard in the national conversation. Beyond reproductive health, New Voices stands up for LGBTQ Rights, Health Care Access, Ending Gender-Based Violence, Ending Mass Incarceration and Environmental Justice.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation today.
If you live in Pennsylvania, attend an upcoming NVP event.

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