December 21: Keeping the Faith in Oklahoma’s Women

Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Roe Fund

img_7998Red State: Oklahoma
Focus: Reproductive Rights

“The Oklahoma Religious Coalition affirms that no government nor group nor individual can take away a woman’s religious and constitutional right to choose. We are people of faith who believe in a woman’s right to reproductive freedom.”


Oklahoma made the news this week after a lawmaker dropped a requirement for businesses, schools, and more to put up anti-abortion bathroom signs , though the state still requires its department of public health strive for “an abortion-free society“.  As you probably guessed the state doesn’t require sex education, but now requires an anti-abortion class in public schools. Good lord.

I couldn’t have been happier to find the Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, an organization that manages to balance both faith in God and faith in women to make their own reproductive decisions. As the right wing uses the incoming administration as cover to pass more and more restrictive laws governing women’s bodies, we need to learn from groups like OKRCRC.

“One of the most important OKRCRC programs is the Roe Fund.  This fund helps low and no income Oklahoma women obtain reproductive services—including abortion, referral and information. This important program is funded by your donations. Grants are paid directly to abortion providers. And the women who receive financial assistance write thank-you letters which, after changes have been made to protect their identities, may be used for fundraising. It’s hoped that when these women are more financially secure, they will make donations back to the fund.”

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation today to The Roe Fund.
If you live in Oklahoma, check out the many ways to get involved with this important organization.

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