December 18: Fighting for Equality in North Carolina

img_7995Equality NC

Red State: North Carolina
Focus: LGBTQ Rights


I assigned my non-profits and issues for each state over Thanksgiving weekend, which now seems ages ago in 2016 terms. I picked an LGBTQ rights organization to back because North Carolina was another state that became synonymous with “bathroom law” this year. The voters of the state did fight back and, despite going red at a federal level, they managed to oust the governor who backed HB2, although they have been unable to repeal the discriminatory law. But, as we’ve seen in recent weeks, the GOP there are so dead set on their damaging agenda, they they blew up democracy in the state. There’s a long road ahead to rebuild from this damage and for groups like Equality NC to overcome. Thanks to these local folks for doing the very hard work.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation today!
If you’re a fellow Bay Area resident, go see the SF Symphony who just canceled their NC performances in protest!

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