December 17: Fixing Nebraska’s Broken Criminal Justice System

ACLU of Nebraska

img_7970Red State: Nebraska
Focus: Social Justice


There are some lists states probably shouldn’t feel proud to land at the top of. For Nebraska, it’s prisoners in solitary confinement, over 14% on a daily basis, according to a report released earlier this year by the Vera Institute of Justice. Additionally, the state’s criminal justice system (like many) is a catch-all for those living in poverty in Nebraska. Luckily the local chapter of the ACLU is committed to reforming this broken system. I must say I was disappointed to not find a slough of local grassroots organizations to join the ACLU in this cause. It only underlines how important it is to support the American Civil Liberties Union at all levels throughout the coming years. In some places, they’re the only thing that stands between citizens and tyranny.

What you can do:
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