December 14: Social Justice in Mississippi

Mississippi Center for Justice

img_7967Red State: Mississippi
Focus: Advocacy for Low-Income People & Communities of Color

Mississippi Center for Justice is a nonprofit, public interest law firm committed to advancing racial and economic justice. Supported and staffed by attorneys and other professionals, the Center develops and pursues strategies to combat discrimination and poverty statewide.


I am fortunate to know a couple of absolutely incredible people from the state of Mississippi. They are some of the most caring, open-minded, kind-hearted social justice warriors I’ve ever met in my life. Unfortunately the state is a case study for what happens when poverty takes over. Add natural and man-made disasters to the mix and no wonder nefarious forces can take over and continue to suppress voters, reverting back to history after the recent gutting of the Voting Rights Act.

I found the Mississippi Center for Justice looking for social justice organizations and appreciated the scope of the issues they tackle, from healthcare access to housing to consumer protection to education. I applaud the work of the folks unraveling decades of poverty and oppression. We need them.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation today.
Are you a lawyer or student in Mississippi? Volunteer!

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