December 5: Funding Investigative Journalism in Florida

Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

img_7884Red State: Florida
Focus: Investigative journalism


I’ll be honest squeed a bit when I came across FCIR in my internetting.

I started with a search for the obvious. When I think Florida, three things come to mind: Spring Break, Bath Salts, and Voter Disenfranchisement. One of the first results I came across was this TIME article with a video (above) about Roderick Kemp – an active community pillar and upstanding Floridian – whose right to vote was stripped because due to the resurfacing of a 30-year-old felony conviction. The video was excellent and really humanized who is affected by Florida’s discriminatory laws. I followed the breadcrumbs and landed on FCIR.

Journalism will always been near-and-dear to my heart, it was my original major; if I’d had any spine at the age of 19, life could’ve led me down a very different path. As has been discussed at length post-election, real journalism is more important now than ever. The irony is not lost that there are probably more in-depth articles about Spotlight winning the Oscar, than where the fuck the president-elect’s tax returns are.

FCIR is working to combat the lack of funding for true investigative reporting. They provide financial support for journalists and journalism organizations, particularly those investigating Florida stories. They also have a particular program “supporting journalists who investigate Islamophobia and the intersection of national security and civil liberties”. With hate crimes in Florida increasing post-election, following national trends, this is truly critical, life-saving work.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation today.
Get a subscription to publications doing actual investigative reporting.

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