December 4: Creating Community for LGBTQ Teens in Arkansas

Lucie’s Place

img_7871Red State: Arkansas
Focus: LGBTQ Youth

Lucie’s Place provides homeless LGBTQ young adults in Central Arkansas with safe living environments, job training and counseling services in order to ensure lifelong stability and success, and works to promote equality and acceptance for LGBTQ young adults.”


LGBTQ kids in the state that produced Mike Huckabee, a man who can’t even let Doritos run an anti-bullying campaign without being an überbigot, deserve to know that they’re cared about. Teens should know that when the Archdiocese of Little Rock threatens to expel them for being themselves, they are not representing the teachings of Jesus Christ. At fucking all.

This bigotry also certainly doesn’t represent all Arkansans. I met some fantastically kind folks, including a lovely gay couple who ran my B&B, when I traveled through in 2014. Most everyone I talked to was open-minded and gave me a list of artsy and unique places to visit on my next trip. It gives me peace of mind to know that there are open-minded folks everywhere and that there’s some doing the really hard work to make sure vulnerable adolescents have a safe space.

What you can do:

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