Social Justice Speed Round of 9 States

If I learned anything about this project this year, it’s that it’s critical to advance plan. My holidays were busier than ever and I traveled 3000 miles versus 600 for them this year. I hope to profile these orgs more in depth, but I also want to make sure I get my donations in before the clock strikes midnight tonight. Without further ado:


New Voices for Reproductive Justice

Our mission is to build a social change movement dedicated to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through leadership development, Human Rights and Reproductive Justice. Our vision is to achieve the complete health and well-being of Black women and girls, our families and communities.


South Carolina

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic (PPSAT) is a nonprofit health care provider offering a wide range of affordable and reliable reproductive and sexual health care services in our 14 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.


South Dakota

Four Directions

In Lakota culture, the Four Directions represent the way of life we Lakota maintain and the circle of life we individuals participate in to better ourselves and our communities. Times have changed since we went to war to fight for our way of life, our treaties, and our Tribal sovereignty. We now protect our communities and our rights by going to the polls to vote.

Four Directions, Inc., believes voting is within our sacred circle when it comes to preserving our way of life. We are committed to full enfranchisement as a crucial way to navigate a stronger future for our Native communities.



Sister Reach

SisterReach, founded October 2011, is a Memphis, TN based grassroots 501c3 non-profit supporting the reproductive autonomy of women and teens of color, poor and rural women, LGBT+ and gender non-conforming people, and their families through the framework of Reproductive Justice. Our mission is to empower our base to lead healthy lives, raise healthy families and live in healthy and sustainable communities. We provide comprehensive reproductive and sexual health, community-centered education to marginalized folx, and advocate on the local, regional, state and national levels for public policies which support the reproductive health and rights of all women, youth and their families.



Lilith Fund

Lilith Fund funds abortion and advocates for change through the movement for reproductive justice.



Immigrant Legal Services

Immigrant Legal Services provides affordable, quality legal services and educates the community to help immigrants become fully-participating members of society.


West Virginia

West Virginia Focus: Reproductive Education & Equality

WV FREE builds stronger communities by advocating for reproductive health, rights and justice, using an intersectional approach.



Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

The mission of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is to empower all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive health through patient services, education and advocacy.



Women for Women

Women for Women provides information about abortion providers most relevant to Wyoming residents. We also offer financial assistance to those who would otherwise not be able to afford an abortion. Reproductive justice demands that reproductive health care and the right to self-determination be available to all women, not just those with financial resources.



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