Having Faith in Reproductive Rights in Oklahoma

It wasn’t a far pivot this year in Oklahoma. I knew I needed to stay in the realm of reproductive rights, because FFS, just this year the Oklahoma legislature introduced a bill to sentence women who have abortions to life in prison. I was happy to find the Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice, another faith-based reproductive justice group, ensuring that women in that state have access to safe healthcare. Additionally, this fall, OCRJ took out billboards to reinforce that message and de-stigmatize abortion.

We believe that reproductive justice includes the right to have or not to have a child and respect for families in all their forms.  It supports access to sexual education, contraception, abortion care and pregnancy care as well as to the resources needed to raise children in safe and healthy circumstances, with good schools and healthcare and other elements necessary for bright futures regardless of immigration status.  It encompasses respect for women, their partners, and families, for sexuality and for gender differences. It respects human rights and the separation of church and state.

I am happy to make a donation and learn more about this group!

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