Still Supporting Indiana Youth Group

Another repost today, this one about Indiana Youth Group. I truly do take for granted the communities I participate in here in the Bay Area where people don’t have to hide who they are in regards to their gender identification or sexual orientation. Please reread about Indianans have to fight against and join me in making a donation today.

Indiana Youth Group

img_7887Red State: Indiana
Focus: LGBT Youth


It was hard to pick an organization to undo the horrible legacy of the VP-elect (shudder) in Indiana. From his crusade to prosecute women who had miscarriages to opposing marriage equality, the man is full of hateful extremes. In a conversation with a friend when I was starting this project who encouraged donations to LGBTQ youth organizations, I felt I should give to kids in Indiana who lived under a governor, who despite what his PR machine says, legitimately supported conversion therapy.

I found the Indiana Youth Group and learned that they’ve (of course) not been immune to the right-wing politics in that state. They had to fight for the right to even have a goddamn rainbow license plate.

I literally cannot comprehend having this much hate in your soul for people who just want the right to love. Happy to spread some to IYG this holiday season.

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation.
On the miscarriage thing: please continue to send your tampons to Mike Pence.

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