Still Supporting The Florence Project in Arizona

With limited time to write today, I’m reposting last year’s spotlight on The Florence Project. Immigrant service organizations also need our help more than in any other in the memory of my lifetime. It disgusts me how hateful this administration has been on this matter in particular. Please read about The Florence Project’s work in Arizona below and consider joining me in making a donation.

The Florence Project

img_7866Red State: Arizona
Focus: “The mission of the Florence Project is to provide free legal and social services to detained adults and unaccompanied children facing immigration removal proceedings in Arizona.”


Similar to Alabama, “inhumane immigration policy” is the automatic word association I have with the state of Arizona. Although the Supreme Court struck down SB1070 in Arizona v. United States, up until this September civil rights groups in the state were dealing with the aftermath of a law that made “showing papers” an actual thing.

Now the author of SB1070 is on the transition team for the new regime. The fight that Arizona knows too well is going to the national level. I was happy to find the Florence Project to support in this battle. Organizations that provide the combination of both legal and social services can particularly speak to the fact that the population they represent aren’t just a court case title, but humans with families, hopes, dreams, and basic rights that we should all enjoy, regardless of our origin.

The Florence Project’s Children’s Program is especially appreciated. While any adult with a soul should be able to imagine how terrifying being stopped and asked for papers would be, it gets 10x worse when you think about being a kid and having to do the same. And 1000x worse when you learn that those kids have to represent themselves in court.

Link to article about why what they do is threatened in the state.
Personal travel story (if applicable).

What you can do:
Join me in making a donation to The Florence Project.

Pay attention to national policy proposals that mirror what Arizona attempted and call your legislators to block them.

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