Digging Deeper: A Conversation with Lilith Fund

While Advent may be over, the fight continues, and so do the conversations across America about what to do next. I’ll still continue to post interviews and updates in this space as I talk with the organizations I discovered this season. Today we go back to Texas and talk with Amanda Williams, Executive Director of Lilith Fund.

The amazing staff at Lilith Fund.

Why is it critical to serve the population you support in the state where you are?

We support those who are often left out of mainstream conversations around abortion access — our callers are primarily low-income women of color, struggling to make ends meet. Many are already mothers who cannot afford to care for another child. At Lilith Fund we believe all people should have the rights, power, and resources needed to create the best lives for themselves, their families, and communities. Bodily autonomy and reproductive justice enable people to determine their own futures, and we’re proud to be a part of that by offering small grants to our clients who need an abortion but cannot afford it. While our government at all levels abandons those most impacted by abortion restrictions, it’s up to us to provide the community support that our callers need; we can’t do it alone.

What will Lilith Fund main focus(es) be in 2017?

As we approach the Texas Legislative Session, we expect to fight back against legislation that will further restrict abortion in Texas. We’re gearing up to co-organize an Abortion Funds Advocacy Day in March with our friends at the Texas Equal Access Fund, which would allow all Texas abortion funds to come together to speak to legislators about our work and the unique barriers our clients face. Lilith Fund will continue to create a more robust hotline for our callers and work towards raising as much money as possible to serve as many people as possible.

While you struggle against serious challenges in a red state, what is something positive that those of us outside of Texas should know about the state or its people?

Our movement is strong and resilient. Since the SB5/HB2 filibuster in 2013, we’ve seen an outpouring of support, an influx in volunteers and donations from all over. We are organized, empowered, and abortion funds in particular are working more closely than ever before. We’re ready for what’s to come, and we’re no stranger to the struggle.

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